A well-planned Search Engine optimization paves the way to systematic organic lead generation. As a well-versed SEO agency, DNM efficiently uses keywords and phrases that lead the target audience to our clients. We optimize the website in such a way that it attracts potential buyers through relevant keywords and phrases that are ranked high in search engines. There is great value in SEO as a user-friendly marketing tool.

What do we offer?

Keyword Analysis

We study the use of keywords and set keywords for each content. These keywords are used in the blog and various other articles which will increase the visibility of the brand online. The content generated with the use of specific keywords can improve the online rankings of the website.


Through the method of backlinking, we promote one website through another website or source. By backlinking, we make sure that the traffic to a website is improved and enhanced. The SEO rankings of a website will see a hike through this method. Search engine results are highly influenced by internal linking or backlinking, and we avail our clients with the advantage of the same.

Content Optimization

The contents we generate are optimized in such a way that it reaches the set of target audience. The process involves the correct usage of the keywords, meta tags, title tags, and relevant links. As a best SEO company in Bangalore, we use the best SEO practices to increase the reach of the content.

Other services


Social Media is a vast platform and is proved to be the best medium to reach out to people of all walks.

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People depend on the internet for all sorts of information. Thus, it is most important for B2B and direct marketers to ensure that their websites have good positioning in search results.

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In a scenario where almost every communication is done electronically, direct mail is a sure way to turn people into prospective customers. They also have the benefit of being made more attractive than a simple mail.

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